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Welcome To SARVRA

Hello, and welcome to SARVRA.

SARVRA is the voice of its members providing effective representation within Government, industry and Retirement Villages. Membership is available to any person who is a permanent resident of a South Australian Retirement Village. We consistently endeavour to ensure a high quality of life for our members. Our support, information and understanding are accessible when you are a member. As our membership increases so does the influence of SARVRA.

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Living in a Retirement Village has many benefits and can be a wonderful experience. It is a change of lifestyle where you can meet and make new friends and not worry when you go away for a few days because there will always be others around to keep an eye on things. You can also choose to be involved in village life as much as you wish and many feel comfortable in volunteering for the Residents' Committee and also in becoming a member of SARVRA. Some people say that the lifestyle offered sounds too good to be true but if you do your homework by reading the almost daunting amount of information you are given, seek the right advice, both financial and legal and understand your contract, then you can reasonably expect to have a comfortable and happy life in your new home.

If you are a resident, or intending resident, of a Retirement Village we are pleased to welcome you. Please take the journey with us, exploring our pages along the way.

SARVRA does not receive funding from the Government; enabling us to offer an impartial view about Retirement Village issues.

On request, SARVRA will provide Guest Speakers to address clubs and interested groups about the work of the Association.