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SARVRA Frequently Asked Questions

If I move into a retirement village and the owner/administering authority gets into financial difficulties, how will this affect me as a resident?

You cannot be forced to leave your unit, you have security of tenure under the Retirement Village Act and creditors have no claim against you. Any funds held in the name of the village and not the owner are therefore protected from claim by creditors. A receiver is likely to be appointed to continue to run the village until a new owner is found. The new owner will then take over the existing Contracts without any changes unless agreed upon by all residents.

Does the Manager have the right to come into my unit when I am not there?

Absolutely not. Except in cases of emergency or you have given written permission. Neither must the Manager allow trades people the use of the master key to enter your unit in your absence.

What right does the Manager have to be involved with the activities of the Residents' Committee?

None. Unless invited by the committee to do so. The Manager may be invited to a Committee meeting to give a report and answer any questions. If invited he/she must attend or give a very good reason why he/she cannot.

How do I apply to join SARVRA?

This is very easy. Merely download the SARVRA Membership Application Form, fill out the required information and send it off with your fee to the address shown on the form. If your village has a SARVRA Village Representative (VR) you may lodge your form with them. View a list of current SARVRA Village Representatives.

I am so confused by the information I am given by different villages: is there anyone who can help me?

  • Attend the monthly seminars offered by the Seniors Information Service. Telephone: (08) 8168 8776
  • Contact the Aged Rights Advocacy Service to discuss contract matters. Telephone: (08) 8232 5377
  • Always seek legal and financial advice before making your final decision and understand what you will be asked to sign.

Advice For Potential Residents.

Member Issues for Discussion.

When do membership fees become due?

Membership fees become due and payable at the AGM each year and should be paid by November of that year. It has been common that fees paid after the beginning of May each year then carried through until the August of the following year. Many have questioned this feeling that memberships should all be payable at the close of the AGM without a carry over. The Committee would be interested in member's thoughts on this matter. Please send your comments to: president@sarvra.asn.au.

What does our membership cost?

The present membership fee is $5 per villa/unit. This barely covers the cost of the newsletter and other communication and the Management Committee would like some discussion on this matter prior to the next AGM. The President flagged in her acceptance speech that fees would probably have to increase at the 2015 AGM. What would you think would be a fair amount? Send your response to: president@sarvra.asn.au as your comments would provide us with guidance as we make decisions on our future directions.

Focus Groups

Please contact president@sarvra.asn.au for further information.