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SARVRA was established collaboratively by COTA and the Commissioner for Ageing. They envisaged both, the rapid growth of the retirement industry, and the possible range of problems that future residents may experience. The support of interested people was canvassed and a meeting called to form a new body. The industry was growing and there were issues arising that needed the support of people with both a personal interest and capable of offering advice.

Initially Retirement Villages were managed by mostly "not for profit organisations". As a result of inadequate management models for this new industry, there were some financial disasters. Stricter regulation was needed resulting in the Retirement Village Act of 1987.

This Act was reviewed by a Select Committee (SA Government) in 2013 and changes to improve the status of residents are expected to be Legislated in 2015. The draft Retirement Villages Act 2015 can be found here. Frequently asked questions for residents and operators regarding the new bill can be found here.

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