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SARVRA Membership

Why I should join SARVRA?

  • SARVRA is recognised by the State Government and the South Australian Retirement Village industry.
  • SARVRA represents and supports its members on all issues relating to Retirement Village life.
  • SARVRA's effective and strong voice is strengthened by your membership.
  • SARVRA's knowledge of past and current issues is of great benefit to all new members.
  • SARVRA's experience in Retirement Village representation is of valuable benefit to new members.
  • SARVRA membership fees are inexpensive and reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting

SARVRA encourages residents of Retirement Villages to become members of the Association. The larger the membership base, the greater the Association's negotiating powers when representing the interests of, and providing protection for Retirement Village residents.

SARVRA membership is available to any person who is a permanent resident of a South Australian Retirement Village.

SARVRA advice is available to members wanting to form a Retirement Village Residents Committee.

Members may request advice supporting the resolution of problems encountered within a Retirement Village.

The conditions of SARVRA membership, together with the Aims and Objectives of the Association, are stated in the SARVRA Constitution.


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