News For SARVRA Members

Members Meeting Monday 27th of February 2017

For those members who were unable to attend the meeting the Minister of the Ageing the Hon. Zoe Bettison has provided SARVRA with a brief video summary of the Act. The video can be accessed via this link.

Draft Retirement Villages Act 2015

The draft Retirement Villages Act 2015 can be found here. Some Frequently asked questions for residents regarding the new bill can be found here. Frequently asked questions for operators regarding the new bill can be found here.

To assist with your understanding of the draft Retirement Villages Act 2015 a Guide to the Retirement Villages Bill 2015 has been produced.

Membership fees 2015

Village Representatives and Members are advised that Membership fees ($5 per unit or villa) are now due. New members who paid after 1 May 2014 are not required to pay membership fees until the AGM in 2015, although your "donation" is always appreciated.

Annual General Meeting

The minutes for the latest can be obtained from the President.


The newsletter is distributed following the Management Committee Meeting each January, April, June and October. If you would care to have your newsletter delivered by email in future please contact and you will be added to that listing. Receiving your newsletter in this manner saves SARVRA the additional costs of postage.

Focus Groups

Please contact for further information.

Advocacy Service

SARVRA has been advised the Retirement Villages Advocacy Service commenced in December 2014. The main purpose of the service will be to support residents as they discuss issues with the management of their village, write letters of concern and if necessary support them at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. The Advocate is always working with and for the Resident. This will be a very valuable service for residents and contact can be made by telephoning (08) 8232 5377 and requesting "Retirement Villages".

Better Practice Guidelines

Aimed at assisting Management and Operators in ensuring that they use "best practice" when working with Residents of villages. These guideline will also help residents understand issues a little more clearly and to use these as a basis for discussion in issues of concern. The Better Practice Guidelines were published by the Minister, the Hon Zoe Bettison, in October 2014.