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SARVRA Membership

SARVRA is your voice in Government, Industry and Retirement Villages and your membership helps to strengthen this voice. We currently have 9000+ members and the more members we have, the stronger we can be to ensure your rights, lifestyle and needs are heard and maintained as the years go by. Our membership is only $5 per annum, which helps us to keep providing services and support to our members.

Why I should join SARVRA?

  • We are recognised by the State Government and the South Australian Retirement Village industry
  • We represent and support our members on all issues relating to retirement village life
  • We have an effective and strong voice which is strengthened by your membership
  • We have extensive knowledge of past and current issues in retirement living which is of great benefit to all new members and people researching retirement villages for a lifestyle change
  • Our membership fees are only $5 per annum and this nominal fee helps ensure our retirement village lifestyle continues to improve.

As a member, you are able to:

  • Express your views and raise your concerns with the SARVRA committee either by telephone, mail, e-mail, or in person by attending the members' meetings.
  • Receive advice and support for a wide range of issues that you may encounter at your village. In some instances, SARVRA may need to refer you to the Office for Ageing Well (formerly OFTA), the Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS), The Catalyst Foundation (Formerly the Seniors Information Service) or the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT).
  • Obtain up to date industry information through the quarterly SARVRA member newsletter.
  • Provide input to legislative change for both the Retirement Villages Act and supportive Regulations.
  • Receive referral to legal/support services in cases where residents are in dispute with a retirement village operator or other residents.
  • Receive benefits from Jones Harley Toole (lawyers) such as a free consultation regarding Residency Agreements and legal advice at discounted rates, as detailed in their flyer.
  • Receive assistance and support to establish and run a Residents’ Committee at your village.
  • Contribute collectively to the future of SARVRA by volunteering as your SARVRA village representative or nominating for the SARVRA Committee.
  • As a Village Representative attend the annual meeting and lunch held for village representatives at which you will meet with the committee and colleague members from other villages.

Become a SARVRA Member

SARVRA is currently redesigning a Member Management System that will allow you to sign up and pay your fees online.

Whilst we are in the construction phase, please email with your name and email address.

We will arrange to then email you with details on how you can sign up once the system is up and working.

In the mean time we are happy to try and help you with information on Retirement Village Living if you email with details. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


How we stay in touch - SARVRA NEWS

Our member newsletter or SARVRA NEWS is how we stay in touch with our members and provide meaningful information to assist you with day to day retirement village living. It is distributed four times a year in January, April, July and October.

One of SARVRA’s prime purposes is to perform the role of an advocate and to inform members about their rights and the services available to protect those rights. From time to time SARVRA NEWS will publish interviews with people who are experts in their field for the delivery of advice and assistance to members.

SARVRA encourages members with internet access to provide their email address and to receive the newsletter via email, which provides members with a more expedient and simplified access to their newsletter and reduces SARVRA’s costs of printing and distribution.


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SARVRA Mission Statement

SARVRA - Enhancing the lives of South Australians living in Retirement Villages. SARVRA is your voice for effective representation within Government and Industry. We strive to ensure a high quality of life for our members in South Australian Retirement Villages. Our support, information and understanding are accessible when you become a member.


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